Meet Rebekah Mitchell

Rebekah was raised on Lady’s Island near Beaufort, SC, where she now resides. She has a huge, loving family; and a church she reveres: the building and the people. When she was young, St. Helena seemed to be full of rituals and people who said one thing and did another. The Parish Church of St. Helena, as it is today, is a steadfast presence in her life. She has visited non-denominational, Assemblies of God, Charismatic Episcopal, and Pentecostal churches, but she always returns to the liturgy found in The Book of Common Prayer.  It it is filled with beautiful prayers and services for the season’s and offices of the church’s year and life. She is active in several of the church’s many ministries.

Rebekah received a BA in speech/drama from Columbia College, and a BS in elementary education from Winthrop College. She worked with preteens after she received her degree from Winthrop. While she was working with them, she realized there was very little faith-based material for that age youngsters. She sought to fill the gap. She has nearly completed another book of short stories, Abiding in the Shadow (see Upcoming Books below), and is working on three more: Valley of the Shadow, Fruit of the Shadow, and The Shadow and Prayer (see Upcoming Books below). She lovingly calls these books the Shadow Series.

Having a quiet time every morning, in which she reads and studies the Bible and prays for her family and her world, she is daily developing a working relationship with the Lord which is lasting and deep. She wants more than anything to share her faith with others, and Rebekah believes her book is a part of that dream. She also has a message "blog" which she writes six days a week to mostly family and friends. She chooses a verse or passage and comments on it for them. She started out writing to one person but has evolved into sending many people emails almost every day. It is one of her greatest joys. She is thinking about collecting her emails into one volume to create Messages From A Baby Christian

Shadow of His Wings book by Rebekah Mitchell

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